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5. Adventure Seeds

The next sections should be for GM eyes only.

5.1 The Legacy Virus

This is based on the Legacy Virus storyline by Marvel.

The Legacy Virus was invented by Mr. Sinister to destroy certain enemy Mutants. A mutant infected by Legacy will die slowly. This virus destroys the genetic material of a mutant.


An infected mutant must roll below X every 24 hours to avoid losing one HT. At the start of infection X is 10. For every HT lost due to the infection X is decreased by 1. There is no HT recovery for this loss until a cure is found. If the characters reaches 0 HT he will die.

Source of Infection

There are many possibilities for a GM to infect on or more players of the group with the Legacy Virus. Maybe only the characters with the most HT should be infected.

Physical contact with an infected mutant:

An infected henchman of Mr. Sinister attacks a character and then dies.

Direct injection of the virus:

A character of the group is kidnapped and will be infected. After that he is released somewhere. Of course he do not know the source of the virus

Damage from a Legacy Weapon:

One of players was hit by a weapon that infected him with the virus.

The Quest For Cure

Where to start?

The only thing the characters know at the start is, that the virus' name is Legacy, because the last word of the infected mutant was Legacy, or everything the kidnapped character remembers is Legacy or something like that

5.2 The Warwolves


The Warwolves are sentient canine/humanoid creatures that were created through genetic engineering by Apocalypse's scientists. He wants to use these creatures to replace important personalities of the Government to gain more power, because he then can control these persons.

First Contact

Warwolves can drain life forces of their victims, causing the victim's skeleton and internal organs to discorporate, leaving behind intact skins. After donning a victim's skin a Warwolf will then change shape to match that of the victim. Warwolves can also mimic the voices of their victims or other persons.

5.3 Survival Of The Fittest


This adventure is losely based on the Age of Apocalypse by Marvel Comics.

Introducing the characters

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