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Deathrow, Inc

Deathrow, Inc is a group of criminals currently consisting of Deathrow, who is the leader, Black Blade, Dr. Dread, Dreadnought, and Enslaver. Most of them have drunken "Improve" and Black Blade and Enslaver were also injected some "Living Metal". Unfortunately, it does not work on Deathrow himself. They are currently trying to get some more "Living Metal" to improve all members. They are also searching Dr. Dave Mason aka Karate Hulk. They do not know that his real name is now "Battle Cry" and that he is hunting Black Blade. Black Blade also runs his very own business, but this is also secret. A group of 2-4 PC may fight for or versus "Deathrow, Inc" and maybe come in touch or hear of "Improve" or "Living Metal".

Michael Sachau