GURPS Webring List ***1/2
A cool compilation of GURPS related fan-sites.
The Legion of Super RPGs ***
Another compilation of Superhero-related RPGs.
The Villains of Marvel Comics! ****
Need a background for a villain, this site has them all plus a VERY long listing of superhero sites.
GURPS Supers Meets The Golden Age of Comic ***
If you like old-school characters, try this site. It has stats for Sub-Mariner, Flash and other.
Decker's Data Pool ***
Decker has some nice characters and homegrown rules
The Great RPG Archive *****
Maybe the largest collection of RPG links on the web.
Marvel Aliens ****
This site has informations about the Aliens of Marvel Comics.
Marvel Bio Database ****
A Bio for the major Marvel characters is located here. Almost complete
Marvel Atlas Project MAP *****
Now this is a dope site. The Atlas to the Marvel Universe
Informations for GURPS IST, including some good new powers and characters
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