Apr 25, 2019

Black Blade (own)
Real name: Peter Moore when he wears his mask, alien name unrevealed
Appearance: 660 lbs, 7', black skin, no hair at all, no facial features
As Peter Moore (with the mask): Brown hair, blue eyes, black

ST 320, DX 22, IQ 14, HT 18/38 Basic Speed 12.25, Move 12
Thrust 33d, Swing 35d
Dodge 12
Attacks 2
DR 5, DR 9 (crushing)

- Black Blade is member from a distant planet with a very hot
- No damage from heat, Laser, Fire, Plasma
- Heat Aura does 2d burn when he touches something
Adamantium Bones:
- Doesn't cripple
- DR 5, Skull DR 7
Increased Density 5
Extra Hits
Claws 33d imp/35d cut
Absorbtion (Cosmic, Light/Laser/Kinetic/Nuclear)
- up to 60 points,ST only

Phobia: Police
Lust for Money

Running 18
chinese 14
Fasting 14
Taoism 14
Boxing 22
Acrobatics 22
Wrestling 22
Disguise 14
Detect Ambush 13
Escape 22
Land Navigation 14
Wilderness Survival 14
Rifle 22
Heavy MG 22
Auto Pistol 22
Rocket Launcher 21
Swimming 22
Drive Car 22
Computer Operation 14
Fong Ngan Kung Fu:
- Enhanced Parry
- Arm Lock 26
- Kick 22
- Back Kick 22
- Jump Kick
- Spin Kick 22
- Choke 22
- Karate 22

Black Blade is an alien from a distant planet that is very close to a sun.His whole body is black an he has no facial features or body-hair at all.He was a criminal on his planet, so a prison-ship with 50 prisoners was onthe way to another prison-planet, when it was sucked into a black holeand crash-landed on planet Earth. Only Black Blade survived, but he losthis mind and forgot everything about his origin. He got caught by federalagents, but he could escape and ran into Dr. Dave Mason, who became hismentor. He was also the person who taught Blade his fighting skills. Theywere both very good friends. One day, Dr. Dave Mason saw Blade drinkingsome of his chemicals of the "Improve" Medical Project. This chemicalsubstance called "Improve" gives one superhuman strength and resistance powers. It also increases the density of a person. Mason and Bladebecame crime-fighters, until one day Blade was caught by Deathrow, Inc,an organised crime group. The leader of this group called "Deathrow"reactivated some of Blade's criminal background. Blade became on ofDeathrow's henchmen and he betrayed Mason by stealing some "Improve"chemicals, destroying all of Mason's work and killed him nearly. As "income"for this job Blade was injected "Living Metal" by Deathrow, which giveshim his claws and adamantium bones.At the moment Black Blade runs his own "business" wearing a maskand he calls himself Peter Moore.
Total Cost 1198

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