Apr 26, 2019

Don, The Don (own)
Realname: Donald Megga
Appearance: 5'12", 105lbs, age 42, one arm, white business dress, white
cylinder-hat, nearly bald with rest of brown hair, blue eyes,

ST 9, DX 9, IQ 30, HT 8 (20/amulet) Basic Speed: 7.25, Move 7, Dodge 7
Flight: 14

The Amulet of RA:
- gives weare HT 20
- Force Field: DR 80, PD 6
- Domination: Will-5 to resists, if not the Don may control a group
up to 4 persons for a duration of 20 minutes
(area effect, affect others, does not harm user, increased area)
- Teleport: up to 10.000 meters away - instantly
- Regeneration: 1 HT/turn
- Immortal
- Flight

Amulet: Unique, Unremoveable, breakable (DR 10, 50 Hits)
Greed, Megalomania, Overconfidence

Administration 20
Merchant 20
Archaelogy 20
Area Knowledge NYC 20
Computer Operation 19
Demolition 20
Detect Lies 20
Psychology 20
Diplomacy 20
Fast-Talk 20
Gambling 20
Int Analysis 20
Interrogation 20
Leadership 20
History 20
Pick Pockets 11
Politics 20
Sleight of Hands 11
Strategy 20
Streetwise 20
Tactics 20
Leadership 20
Guns: Pistol 11
Law 20
Occultism 20
Acting 20

Donald was the first child of a seven headed family 42 years ago and wasborn short. Nothing much happened during his childhood, except he build up an addiction to history and archeology. His high natural IQ made him able to become Doctor of History and Archeology aged 22. His special area was Ancient Egypt History. Aged 30 he was first able to visit the goldenLand of Egypt for some "digging". He found a strange golden amulet withsome animals on it he never seen before. As he first touched it an ancienttrap went of and destroyed his right arm complete, after 3 weeks inhospital he went back to the amulet and picked it up. The whole amuletchanged his life. He became a criminial only strifing for money and power.As the years passed he learned to use the power of the Amulet to thefullest extent making him one of the most powerful criminals on Earth.He always tries to find out more about his Amulet and a way to remove itfrom his chest...but on of his worst ememies, the Maddog, always keeps him busy.
Total Cost 1200

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