Apr 24, 2019

Hardcore (own)
Real name: Rex Martin
Appearance: 7',3", 680 lbs, brown eyes, black short hair, blue jeans,
black shirt with "Hardcore" printed on.

ST 330, DX 18, IQ 13, HT 18/28 Basic Speed 13, Move 13
Thrust 34d, Swing 36d
Dodge 13
Attacks 2
PD/DR 4/100 (105 crushing)
Punch +2

Extra Hits
Density Increase 25
Extra Hits
DR 100
PD 4
Speed 4
Recovery 1HT/turn
Will +5

giantism -10
Most values honor -10
hates his father -5
hunted by FBI -20
hunted by Revenge (the super-villian) -20

Brawling 18
Boxing 20

Rex was born 27 years ago. What he did not now since he got 21, that hewas adopted. He most values honour and is friendly and outgoing andneutral to most people, with a well-to-do family background. Whenhe was 17 he begin studying Genetics at MIT, a special secret section ofMIT, where a friend of his father (not his real father) also works. His nameis Henning Petersen from Germany. This section is observed by FBI, what the workers do not know. Working for thisguy, he became friends with him at age 19. At 21 he realised that hewas adopted, which outraged him and he became enemy with his father andleft him. He became an alcoholic, which Henning and Rex wanted to heal witha new Genetic modification that they developed over the years, but thewhole experiment went wrong, and he began to develop unbelievable powers.He became a crimefighter and was honoured at age 25 with 60.000$ for hiswork. What he does not know, is the envy of his partner Henning, thathe totally forgot over the year he worked as crime-fighter. So Henningbecame very angry and build up his powers with genetic experiments, too.Henning is now hunting Rex. Rex is better know as Hardcore, whileHenning named himself Revenge.
Total Cost 1300

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