Apr 19, 2019

Mad Dog (own)
Realname: John Porter
Appearance: 5'10", 180lbs, combat gear, blue eyes, light-brown hair,
24 years old

ST 50, DX 16, IQ 15, HT 16/24 Basic Speed: 8, Move 8, Dodge 9
Attacks 1

Extra Hits
DR 15
UV Vision
IR Vision
Weapon Skill +3 to hit on all weapons (24)

Enemy: The Don
Hunted: by Don's organisation
Gun Fetishist

Adminstration 15
Armoury Guns 18
Brawling 16
Camouflage 15
Climbing 15
Demolition 15
Electronic Operatin 15
Combat Engineer 15
First Aid 15
- Anti-Armor Infantry 16
- Aussault Rifle 16
- Grenade Launcher 16
- Machine Gun 16
- Pisotl 16
- Sniper Rifle
IQ Analysis 15
Interogation 15
Jumping 16
Knife 16
Jumping 16
Leadership 15
Lochpicking 15
Mechanics 15
No-Landing Extraction 15
Orientieering 15
Parachuting 15
Miltary Savoir-Faire
Scrounging 15
Stealth 15
- Desert 14
- Jungle 14
- Mountain 14
Swimming 14
Tactics 14
Teaching 14
Hand Grenade 14
Engineer: (all at 18)
- Rifle
- MG
- Automatic Guns
- Heavy Guns
- Grenades

John was born 24 years ago in Austin, Texas. Eversince he was five yearsold he was facinated by guns and warfare. His parents were well-to-dosince that day his father begin betting on horse-racing and was betrayedby a henchman of the Don. His parents nearly lost everything when John was12 and he run away. He joined Army Special Forces aged 16! When he was 17 he stole some guns from Don's orignization and since that day he is hunted by them. In this year the Gulf-Strike also began and he was send to the battle-field,where he was infected by a secret NBC weapon and build up some of hismeta-human powers. He was 20 when he return from the war and he realizedthat his girl-friend was imprisoned for armed assault on the Don, butthe Don did not die, he wore a bullet-proof vest. Since that day the Donand John are enemies. A happy day was as John turned 24, because he returnedto his family.
Total Cost 600

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