Apr 21, 2019

Mythos (own)
Realname: Captain John McKenzie

ST 10, DX 12, IQ 18, HT 19/43 Basic Speed 6.25, Move 6
Dodge 6
Thr 1d-2, Swing 1d, Kick 1d+2, Punch 1d

Military Rank 6
Magery 3
Strong Will +2
Magic Resistance +5
Bionic Enhancement: Extra Hits

-15 Age 55
-10 Hard of Hearing
-10 Fat
-5 Pyromania

Acting 17
Administration 17
Anthropology 16
ARchology 16
Astrogation 17
Astronomy 16
Biochemistry 16
Botany 16
Computer Operation 18
Prog 17
Detect Lies 17
Diagnosis 18
First Aid 19
Beam Weapons 15
Battlesuit 17
Genetics 17
GEology 16
IQ Analysis 16
Interrogation 18
Leadership 19
Literature 18
Physician 19
Physiology 17
Poison 16
Scrounging 18
Shield 12
Stealth 12
Strategy 17
Theology 16
Veternary 16
Karate 12

As a kid John had many problems with other kids because he hada little hearing problem and he is fat. But he was a lot smarter thanaverage kids so he became a MD at a Military Special Force at age 20.During Desert Storm (aged 25) he was nearly hit by a rocket. This rocket openedup a door to nowhere, in which he was sucked in which made him ageunnaturally by 30 years. He awakened in afantasy world and became a good friend of a local magician called Monk, who realised that John had very high magic-powers. Another guy also took notice of the fact and captured John. This guys name is L'Dsor'Chaxs, who is a demon. One day L'Dsor also caputered a meta-human called Blood Skull, but Blood Skull helped John to get out of the claws of L'Dsor by stealing aspell from him. Mythos gained all his powers back from L'Dsor with thisspell and they took an one-use spell-scroll with enabled John and BloodSkull to get back to Earth. Blood Skull and Mythos are unaware ofthe fact, that L'Dsor (aka Coroner) followed them to Earth, they are toobusy taking over the world. In the meanwhile Monk took notice that L'Dsorwas following John and the Skull. He is now seeking for a way to followL'Dsor.
Total Cost 520

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