Adamantium Bones 10 points

Animal Senses

Bend Light 50 points

Body Cache 5 points/level

Body Control

Body of Demon 50/100/150/200 points

Body of Diamond 12 points/level

Body of Obzidean 15 points/level

Body of Undead

Claws II (Adamantium Claws) 10/40+10/15 per level

Computer Brain 15points/level

Continuum Control

Control Hell 175/275/350/450 points

Control Undead


Dual Brain 20 points

Entropy Magnification

Exhibition 15 points

Field Manipulation

Homing Ability 15 points per person


Mass Variation: Other

Mass Variation: Self

Mechano Link

Mental Duplication 15 + 3 for each additional minute

Mental Stun

Mutant Healing Factor 200pts

Photographic Reflexes 15 + 3 for each additional minute


Probability Manipulation

Radar Senses

Super Healing Factor 300 points

Teleport 5 points/level

Unstoppable 200/250 points

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