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3. World Background

The World is our own with some modifications, which are basically the modifications that are also used in the Marvel Universe. All demigods and mythic gods really exist, except the creator of the universe. All these gods are connected to earht via a Cosmic Axis. There are also a lot of alien races who monitor Earth, because of the supernatural beeings, the Cosmic Axis and a warp nexus in our solar-system.

Due to experiments of an alien race called the Celestials in the early days of human-history until today , many people are able to withstand deadly poisons, stress or radiation and build up supernatural powers as a consequence.

The technology is more advanced than it is in our own reality, but most of the advances are done in secret. Some people are also doing Magic, or are affected by mystic beeings. It is also possible for normal people to build up in combat or other fields of activity, like Captain America.

There exists also an infinite number of dimensions beside our own. These contain other timelines, alien places...Some heroes are able to travel to other dimensions. The dimension Crossroads links all the other dimensions together. Crossroads can be visited, too. This place is a infinite combinations of path, each of them ends in a dimension.

3.1 Technology

The Tech Level (TL) is 7. But the Government has reached TL 8, but this is unknown to most of the people. There are also secret starships that may fly at warp speed. Most of the TL8 stuff can be found in GURPS Ultra Tech.

3.2 The Warp Nexus

Since it would take very long for alien races to enter our solar-system, there is a Warp Nexus near Mars. A nexus is like a door to another galaxy.

3.3 Power Sources

It is always required to give a character an idea of the origin of his powers. Here are some ideas.


Some humans have been injected a alien gen by an alien race called the celestials from the beginning of humanity until today, for no obvious reasons. Humans "sporting" a MetaGene may gain super-human abilities when confronted with radiation, poison etc.

Living Metal

"Living Metal" is an alien substance that must be injected into the body at the 108 vital areas of body. The result is the Adamantium Bones Advantage and a 10% chance of growing Claws II. The origin of LM is unknown. Deathrow has stolen some from a secret research base but unfortunately he also destroyed the secret base. LM may also have other effects on different persons.


Improve is a chemical substance that improves a characters strength, HT, Extra Hits, gives him DR and some levels of Density Increase. It is yet not know how it really works on a body because all information about "Improve" where destroyed. It also gives different extends of power on different people. If a person drinks "Improve" it will actually improve him like described above, but the power-levels may differ from other characters who drank it. This is a GM descision.

Power Stones

A Power-Stone is a 3 lbs heavy round black gem. If a human being touches it, the gem will be sucked into the body giving the person some powers. The exact origin of these gems is yet unknown. It may also be of interest, what kind of gem gives what kind of powers.

Current known stones:

GM Info:

If you use power-stones in your campaign, each stone has a special theme like an element and a 50% chance of giving Lightning power.

Alien Origin

Planet of Red Dawn:

The planet Red Dawn can be visited by the Warp Nexus . It is very close to a sun, so the inhabitents have following natural power "Sunborn": No damage from Heat, Laser, Fire, Plasma and the character generates a heat aura, which does 2d burn damage if he touches somebody. The physical appearance of a person from Red Dawn is human-like with black skin and no facial features except a small slit for the mouth. To be a Red Dawnian costs 100 for the invulnerablility + 20 for heat aura - 10 for the appearance.

The Celestials:

These are these grey about 4" high and skinny aliens with big black eyes, that are always witnessed in alien observations by humans. But these creatures are only the henchmen of the real Celestials. There are four Celestials that have powers that are beyond the understanding of humanity, that travel trough the universe to study the different races. They control their henchmen via psionics powers, which enables their henchmen also to use mental powers. The Celestials never visit Earth, because they are giant about 300' high creatures that cause terror in most people.

DThe following races are from the Marvel Universe. Information about these races can be found at The GURPS stats are presented here:

Alpha Centaurians:

Attribute Bonusses:

HT +1, ST +3


G-Tolerance +1 G, Gills


Dispassionate, Self-Centered, Survivalist


Swimming +2, Survival Underwater +2


Cost: +46


Attribute Bonusses:

HT -1, ST -1, DX +1


May become insubstantial


Superstititious, Self-Centered, Hedonetic




Cost: +45


Attribute Bonusses:

male: IQ -1, DX +1; female: DX +1


Webbed fingers: Swimming speed +1


male: may only mate once, Militaristic; female: Pacifist




Cost: male -10/female 0


Attribute Bonusses:

IQ -1, ST +1, HT +1


Body Armor (PD/DR): Head 2/5, Body 4/10, rest 1/3; Tail


Fierce, Independent




Cost: +85


Attribute Bonusses:

IQ -2, ST +40, HT +2


May walk on four legs: +2 speed; Tail +1 range, +2 Damage; Scaled Skin +5 DR


Berserker, Bloodlust




Cost: +235


Attribute Bonusses:

male: ST +5, DX -1, IQ -1, HT +2; female: ST +3, HT +1


G-Tolerance +2 G; Shape-Shifter: Morph Level 4; Morph Memory Level 5


Hates Krees, Imperialistic


Acting +2, Fast-Talk +2


Cost: male: +135/female: +115

Bionic Improvement

A character may gain bionic implants and thus also be a member of Houston Bionics as a background.


Due to the MetaGene it is possible for human beings to become superhumans with physical and/or mental training.


3.4 Organizations

The Celestials

The Celestials are an alien race from a distant galaxy. They visit earth since the beginning of humanity and they research on earth flora and fauna. They are responsible for the MetaGene .

The Government

The Government is basically the one that we know from the US, except it has some secret subdivisions. The general public is unaware of secret activities by the Government. Here are some points that the Government is doing in secret:

  • The UFO-Project: The US is researching on flying objects since WWII. The Rosewell accident was actually the first result of the UFO-Project. Today, it is possible to fly at warp speed enter the Warp-Nexus for the Government. Most of the UFO spottings are actually part of the UFO-Project or Ships of the Celestials
  • The Celestial-Contract: This was the most awesome happening in the history of humanity. A ship of the UFO-Project rescued a ship of the Celestials in 1975. After that a contract between the Celestials and Humanity was signed. The Celestials are allowed to continue their research on planet earth, but they also help the Government to develop their technology.
  • The Improve-Drug: The Improve-Drug was developed by Dr. Dave Mason. It main purpose was to build up an army of super-sodiers, but the drug was destroyed by Black Blade. At the moment the Government is researching on a better version of Improve.

Deathrow, Inc

Deathrow, Inc is a group of criminals currently consisting of Deathrow, who is the leader, Deathrow, Dr. Dread, Dreadnought, and Enslaver. Most of them have drunken "Improve" and Black Blade and Enslaver were also injected some "Living Metal". Unfortunately, it does not work on Deathrow himself. They are currently trying to get some more "Living Metal" to improve all members. They are also searching Dr. Dave Mason aka Karate Hulk. They do not know that his real name is now "Battle Cry" and that he is hunting Black Blade. Black Blade also runs his very own business, but this is also secret. A group of 2-4 PC may fight for or versus "Deathrow, Inc" and maybe come in touch or hear of "Improve" or "Living Metal".

Alien Activity Agency (AAA)

The AAA was founded by members of the FBI in 1980 after some of these members found out about the secret activities of the government and the Celestials. After that the AAA works undercover to find out more about the aliens that visit the Earth. Current Members are Michael Colby, Angela Colby aka Enigma, the daughter of Michael, Peter James Hole aka the Crossfade Beast.

Houston Bionics / Houston Mechanics

This company is of course located in Houston, Texas. To the major public this company produces farming machines and stuff, but in secret it researches on bionic implants for the government since WWII. The first person who got an implant from Houston Bionics is Iron Arm.

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