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4. The Super Organization

4.1 Introduction

The next sections introduce some concepts on designing super organizations and agencies. A "Super Organization" is a group of Supers who join together to form a group and operate from a base. An "Agency" is a group of agent like FBI. I choose to use organization for both groups.

4.2 Organization Value (OV)

If you want to design a new organization, it is required how much power/influence this organization has. This is calculated in normal GURPS character points. Each organization starts with 0 CP. In the sections Background , Members and Technology you will find some points cost for options you may select. Just add these up and get the Organization Value.

Crime Buster Organization:

up to 100 OV

International Espionage: Agency:

up to 200 OV

Superspy Agency:

300 OV

Mega Organization:

400 OV and up

Being Member of the Organization

Being a members of the organization costs OV divided by 10 in CP but at least 5 for a character for rank 0, eg if the OV is 50, the membership advantage for this organization will be 5 CP. After that he may buy additional ranks to get a higher position in the organization.


The income is based on rank and OV of the organization with an income of OV*(rank+1)*20 in $ per month.

The Organization as Ally

Use the ally cost on B23 based on OV for the ally's power.

The Organization as Enemy

Same as Ally but the cost are multiplied by -1.

4.3 Organization Background

The first step is the determination of the Organization Background story:


What is the organizations purpose? Taking over the world or help other people?

Modus Operandi:

This describes who the organization works to reachs its purpose.

Extent of Operation:

In what parts of the campaign world the organization is working? Out of the members homes: 0 points; in one city: 2 point; in one country: 5 points; in one country and all neighbourhood countries:10 points; international, in all major cities: 20 points; in every city: 40 points

Relationship conventional authorties:

Is the organization in legal trouble or gets help from the government. This will give the organization enemies or allies

Base of Operation:

Where is/are the base/s located?

Major Funding:

Who gives the money? This cost 1 CP per $5000/month. A money reserve may also be available, this cost 5 CP per $1,000,000

Known Enemies:

The Enemies of the Organization. Use the normal ememy cost here.

Known Allies:

The allies of the Organization. Use the normal ally costs here. Another organization as ally/enemy is allowed, too.

4.4 Members

Number of active members:

This costs 1/2 points for 30 members build on 0-25 points, 1/2 point for 20 members build on 25-50 points, 1 point for 10 members build on 50-100 pts, 2 for 5 members build on 101-250, 3 points for one member build on 251-500, 4 points for one member build on 501-750, 5 points for one member build on for 751-1000 and 6 for 1001 and up.

Number of reserve members:

reserve members only costs half the active member cost but there is a 50% chance that a reserve member is not available at the moment.

Organizational structure:

This describes who many ranks are there in the organization if any. This does not cost any points. If you want an organization with a structure of 10 ranks, then the leader has to pay 50 points. There should only be one leader.

Membership requirements:

This describes the requirements of the organization for other people to join in, example only males aged 25 and up.

4.5 Technology, Features and Equipment

Level of technology:

This cost 20 points for +1 TL, 50 points for +2 TL and 100 points for +3 TL. Lowered TL: -10 for -1 TL, -25 for -2 TL, -50 for -3 TL


In the next descriptions you must choose one of the options given and sum up the point costs. An option with a higher costs always includes the lower pointed options.


  • the characters wear their own outfit: 0 points;
  • standard uniform: 1 point;
  • complete range of clothes including disguises: 2 points;
  • standard armor, SCUBA gear: 3 points;
  • even better armor plus designer clothing high-fashion: 5 points;
  • any and all clothing/armor available: 10 points


  • characters provide their own weapons: 0 points;
  • organizations pays the ammunition: 1 point;
  • each member gets one weapon up to $2000: 2 points;
  • ancient weapons: 3 points;
  • each member may choose weapons up to $50000: 10 points;
  • members may get all weapons available: 20 points


  • none kind of transportation from the organization: 0 points;
  • the organization uses public transportation: 1 point;
  • standard vehicles of the cheapest kind: 2 points;
  • unlimited selection of unmodified cars valued $20000 to $30000 plus $20000 for customizing the car: 10 points;
  • fairly expensive vehicles, sports cars, luxury plus $200000 in modifications: 30 points;
  • any existing vehicle is available: 45 points


  • uses public phones: 0 points;
  • the organization has telephones, walkie-talkies: 1 point;
  • all organizational telephones and radios equipped with scramblers, important messages go by courier or armored truck: 3 points;
  • organization has a computer network, plus radios and telephones have a complex computer scrambling available: 10 points;
  • instant communications anywhere in the world provided by satellite and mircrowave transmitters, private signal channel, plus the computer network: 25 points;
  • the organizitation has a private satellite network with 12 dedicated satellites covering the globe, private telephone network, and private mail carrier system plus private computer network with a supercomputer at the base: 50 points

Administrative Control:

  • all members always abide the letters of the law or face prison: 0 points;
  • members may get away with minor violations (traffic offenses, littering): 3 points;
  • members are free to break most laws in pursuit of offical organization goals, still liable for damages: 10 points;
  • the members will be protected by the organization at all costs, shielded from any legal suits or prosecutions: 25 points;
  • license to kill: 35 points;
  • the organization has been give authority above the laws of its country, members may do whatever they wish. This it not possible in the US or other democratic countries, but definitly an option in communist, most oriental and third world countries: 50 points.

Internal Security:

  • Anybody can walk in or out, and members are not screened, no modification on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 0 points;
  • a security guard at each entrance checking visitors, -2 modification on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 5 points;
  • alert security guards, electronic alarm, electronic picture id, -4 modification on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 10 points;
  • constant video monitoring, everyone entering checked for fingerprint signature, metal detector, -6 on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 20 points;
  • everybody entering will be strip searched, even surveillance in the bathrooms, multiple checkpoints, -8 modification on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 30 points;
  • complex barrage of test, signs and countersigns, searches and either (choose one) X-ray Checking (comparing skeleteon/dental patterns), Retinal Scans, Biochemical (checking a person's blood type and genetic markers), -10 modification on skill attempts to infiltrate the organization: 40 points.

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