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Happy Christmas to everyone!

First of all sorry for the long time with no updates, but there was a lot of non-GURPS related stuff to do.

Now I am back with a goodie called "The Uncanny X-Men X-Mas Special" to celebrate Christmas and over 1000 hits in the first three month.

"What do I get?" you may ask, but it would not be Christmas without surprises, so for the rest of the year all updates will be X-Men related, but expect many write-ups. Drop me a line if you like it or for any wishes...
12/15/98 Here is an update to Professor X. The old version was not able to use its powers. Many thanks to Matt Joswiak for debugging some write-ups.
12/21/98 Four new X-Men: Cannonball, Bishop, Banshee, and Angel.
The next two days I will put up some updates to older characters
Also take a look at the "Intentions for 1999 List"
12/22/98 Updated characters: Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, and Phoenix(Jean Grey).
Sorry, but no updates tomorrow, I have to buy some gifts.
12/23/98 Today is "Bad Guy Day". Write-up Number 100 Onslaught and 101 Magneto
12/24/98 New X-Men characters: Gambit and Nightcrawler plus a new own creation called Ynam. Also check out the Conversion Guidelines in the Misc Stuff Section.