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Foreword To This Module

I hope you find this set of rules useful. I think a lot of people will hate this system for being to complex in some parts (damage, combat maneuvers, etc), but this will give some extra realism. There are other generic RPGs out there, too, but most of them are very easy, HYPeR tries to be a little more complex with the same game-speed. Most of the ``complex'' do not really slow down the game. Accounting damage will be very fast if you use the damage log. The character sheet is design, that the front side is only used for non-combat situations (hopefully most of the time) and the back-side for combat only. HYPeR will run as fast as any other RPG out there, only the combat-system will slow it down, but this system masters 6 different types of damage over 9 different body-parts and also accounts blood-loss, amputations, fractions and so on.

Michael Sachau
Kiel, Germany, September 2, 1998

Michael Sachau