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HYPeR is a project consisting of set of modules, that describe a generic role-playing game. This project started on April 10, 1998 with the basic rules. Later modules will describe other parts of the whole system, like magic and superpowers.

There are already a dozen of free generic role-playing games on the internet ready to download, but I think HYPeR is a good alternative.

If you wish to participate, find an error, have a question/comment, or think these rules are useful or not, just email to Highly appreciated are graphics of any kind, but they should be related to role-playing.

Even if I am German, I write these modules in English, because it is an universal language, that more people can read. I will not translate these rules to the German language, this would cost me at least the double time. All English linguist should ignore grammatical errors, or send an email to me.

Michael Sachau
Kiel, Germany, September 2, 1998

Michael Sachau