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Buying Skills

Some skills must be bought in order to use them. If

Learning Skill Points (LP):
  This amount of CP must be payed, to learn a skill. Some skills cost 0, these skills must not be learned.
Starting Skill Level(SL):
 This formula calculates the % before improving with additional CP. Divide the formula by the number of ``+''-signs in the formula +1, eg Dex+Con is divided by 2, Dex+Con+Int is divided by 3
 Skill Level Points(SP/In):   
This amount of points must be payed, to improve the %by In point.
Skill-Level or %:
Add to SL the number of increases you bought
Acrobatics SL is Dex+Refl. A character with Dex 30 and Refl 20 has an Acrobatics SL of 25. This costs 1 CP, the cost of CP to learn the Skill. To improve the % of Acrobatics by 3 points (In) it costs 1 Point (SP).

Michael Sachau