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Combined Maneuvers

Combat Maneuvers which are marked with a ``&'' may be bought as a combination. You can link two ``&''-maneuvers together at an total extra LP-cost of 2, three ``&'' for 3 and so on for each maneuver involved.

The combination Dodge&Kick Attack cost 2 LP+ 3LP for the kick-attack.
Combined Maneuvers only cost LP, you cannot increase their %, because they don't have one. Maneuvers mark with ``$''may be combined with other maneuvers, but only if they are the first maneuver. Same is true for ``'' if it is the last maneuver.

A character has bought Dodge % 50 and Kick Attack % 45. He now wants to learn Dodge&Kick-Attack. This cost him 5 CP (see above). The % of this maneuver depends on the two % of Dodge and Kick Attack.

Michael Sachau