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Test Of Skills Or Attributes

Sometimes it is required to do a test of skills. This is the basically the test of % of character A vs % of character B. The formula is 50 plus % or attribute of the ``attacking'' character A minus the % or attribute of character B. If A rolls \( \leq \) this value, he succeeds. There is no critical success or fail. If there is no defending skill or attribute, the gamemaster must give a DL.

Example(Arm wrestling,breaking a hold):
Character A has STR 30 and B has STR 32. If A rolls \( \leq \)50+30-32=48, he is successful.
If the ``defending'' object has no skill (doors, locks, traps) the gamemaster must give this object a skill.

Example(picking a lock):
A thief tries to pick a lock. The gamemaster applies this lock a skill of 90. The pick-lock % of this thief is 53. So he must \( \leq \)50+53-90=13 to open this lock.

Michael Sachau