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List of Actions

All these actions take one Action of the character action attribute. Even if it is not a combatants turn in that action-phase, he can do a ``*'' action in advance, if he is fast enough (see 11.1.1)

Weapon Attack:  
Use one weapon that is ready, roll \( \leq \)50+ % of that weapon - CDL to hit
Multiple Weapon Attack:
Use several weapon at once that are ready (2 swords etc). The first hits at -10, the second at -20, etc.
Roll \( \leq \) 50+ Dodge % or Attribute - CDL. If you have no actions left you cannot dodge. A successful dodge avoids all damages.
Laying Down:
This is a special form of dodging, where you dodge by laying your body to the ground.
Standing Up:
Getting up.
Use Maneuver:
Use one of the following options:
Maneuver Attack: use a maneuver exactly like a weapon attack.
Automatic: Any maneuver learned as automatic may be done without spending an action. Failure in an automatic maneuver cost one action.
Combined Maneuvers: All maneuvers that are part of a ``combined'' maneuvers are done one after the other (in the order in which they are combined), but only if the previous maneuver of the ``combined'' maneuvers was successful. Example: A ``Punch&Kick'' combined maneuver is stopped if the ``Punch'' maneuver was not successful. It is also stopped if the ``Kick'' maneuver is not successful (but the damage of the punch is still applied).
Hold: A hold is a special maneuver and is indicated in the skill-table with ``H''. A hold has the following options:

Resume Hold: Just carry on with the hold. If it is a hold that do damage, it now does 1/2 damage if it is resumed.
Break Hold: If a combatant wants to break a hold with his strength he must make a test of strength versus the holding character, see
Escape Hold: Apply any escape skill or escape maneuver to escape a hold.
Apply the table of to get the distance that you can move around with the modes:

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Michael Sachau