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Weapon Table

Name dH:Bas/B/E/I dS:B/E/I NormalR MaxR HeavyR Break Price
Name of the weapon 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 4) 5)

This column gives the Basic Damage in dice and a bonus for each damage-type.
A ``-`` indicates that this weapon cannot do this type of damage. A ``*'' behind the Bas indicates, that this weapons adds the Blunt/Edge/Impale Damage. Ex:
dH:Bas/B/E/I: 1d*/1/-1/- means this weapon does 1d+1 hits of blunt (dHB), 1d-1 of edge (dHE) and cannot do impale damage. The * means the character can add his damage bonus.
This column gives the Stun bonus for the weapon. The stun bonus is added to the dH(B,E,I) of 1. Ex:
S:B/E/I: 4/2/- means this weapon does 1d+5 stun-blunt-damage (dSB), 1d+1 dSE and no damage with the impaling damage type.

Michael Sachau