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Strength-based damage

Strength based damage is based on a body-part, that is used for that attack. The damage-type of a body part is always B. The body-parts which can be used are Hand, Foot, Head and Body. A basic damage is given on the character sheet for each of these body-parts. A body-part must be used in combination with an martial-arts attack. The damage each of these attacks does is described in the skill-table:

Action 2) 2) 2) 2) Notes
1)Basic Strike 2) 2) 2) 2) 3)dH:fist+x/head+y/kick+z; 4) dS:w

Name of the Action
This is described in the skill-section
This ``H'' indicates the basic damage for this action, so fist+3 means this attack does fist attack dice +3 hits, giving the HB. Analogous for head and kick.
This ``S'' indicates the stun-bonus of this action. The w is added to the damage of 3.,giving the SB

Michael Sachau