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Optional Carry-Over Rule

Carry-Over might be very-deadly, so you may ignore this rule.

If the S(B,E,I,F,C,En) of of any body-zone reaches -S(B,E,I,F,C,En) the character is loses the excess damage of that type in H(B,E,I,F,C,En) of the same type. The S(B,E,I,F,C,En) cannot be lower than -S(B,E,I,F,C,En). A vital-area is indicated by a \( \dagger \) in the damage table.

A character has -15 SB at the head and is stunned. His BS is 20, if he got a hit with HB damage of 5 and HS damage 10, he now has -20 SB at the at the head (cannot be lower), and the HB damage is increased by -5. From now on the total HB damage for this body-zone is HB damage plus SB damage, because all SB damage is carried over.

Michael Sachau