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is a character or NPC who takes part in a combat.
Combat is played in turns. Each turn takes 10 seconds.
Actions  :
Each combatant has an Actions attribute, which determines how many actions he can do within a turn. E.g. a combatant with Actions 4 can do 4 actions during one turn.
``Doing an action''
means selection an action from the list of actions.
Combat is played turn that take 10 seconds of real time. In each round each combatant gets a certain number of actions determined by the actions attribute. The character with the highest SPD does his Action 1 at first, then the second speediest character does his Action 1 and so on and so on for Action 2 etc.

At the end of each turn, each character recovers some Endurance and some Stun (see 14.2.1 & 14.2.2)


Michael Sachau