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Welcome to Unofficial Guide to GURPS Supers. I hope you like the new design. But more important are the updates. I think will finally add the background of Razorsharp sometime in September, like some other characters.
The big news is: I am working on a conversion of Aberrant to GURPS Supers, you can see it develop during September. Just take a look at the Aberrant section. Please send me email or sign the Guestbook.

Last Change: September 1, 1999

[Powers] This Section lists all GURPS Super Advantages/Powers in one handy list plus it includes some of my own superpowers.
[Characters] The character section is a compilation of Marvel Comics character conversions and own creations.
[Campaign] A section covering some campaign settings, Adventure Ideas and other stuff. This page is under construction and will be added in the future.
[Misc Stuff] I have got a character sheet here (gif/zipped) and some other files
[Links] Links to some useful GURPS/Superhero related pages on the web.
[eMail] Have a question or a comment? Just email me

This site is maintained by Michael Sachau

This is site is about GURPS SUPERS. GURPS stands for Generic Universal Roleplaying System. It was designed by RPG Guru Steve Jackson. GURPS is generic, which means you can play in any time, place and background. This site focuses on GURPS Supers that features the world of superpowered characters. Please sign the guestbook.